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 First of All, I am considering myself as the luckiest guy ever, for all the opportunities and choices who were offered to me, and brings me in the position that i am now. I would consider myself as a Human Lover.

Meaning that I love the little part of true humanity that I am sure is present into each of US.


Recently moved in New-York, I am doing my best to enjoy the most the every little things ofthis crazy city, and to take advantage of the opportunities that leaving in the center of the world can bring to me.

Let's see what he can bring to us..


...currently in New-York !

...and is not complaining..


Either If you are leaving into the big Apple or just plan to visit, if you have a need for a special photograhic service, I am currently trying to build my portfolio.

Therefore I am ready to give a try to a lot kind of propositions.

Special offer, open mind, fee free to contact me though the below link asap for more details.

Number 2 Beach - Sierra Léone, Décembre 2106
Number 2 Beach - Sierra Léone, Décembre 2106


For any queries, from asking the best place to stay in the middle of the Congolese forest, to propose a meeting for a collaboration to our future crazy project, Simply Fell Free.

Note : veuillez remplir les champs marqués d'un *.

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